What Is The Reignman Collection?

My humble Shawn Kemp NBA Card Collection. I started collecting these during the 1995-96 season when Kemp started to emerge as a bonafide NBA superstar. Being in my mid-teen years then, I could not afford to buy many singles or the high end products such as Topps Finest so my collection was slow to grow and was comprised of only basic inserts, base cards, and subset cards. I stopped buying cards regularly after the 1997-98 season due to dwindling interest and my passion being focused elsewhere.

Fat Shawn Kemp

Fat Shawn Kemp

I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2000 and promptly forgot about the NBA due to that country’s penchant for non-American sports. I discovered eBay’s NBA card potential around 2003 and started buying a few singles every now and then. During this time Shawn Kemp had been discarded by both the hobby and the NBA as a has-been so his cards were on the cheap and I managed to bag a few rare cards for ridiculously low prices.

Enter 2010. I had been back in Manila for more than 2 years when I came across the site www.nbacardsph.com, a forum for the thriving NBA card collecting community in the Philippines. This re-sparked my interest in collecting and well, here I am now. Shawn Kemp cards have seen a steady increase in popularity especially his rare 90’s insert cards much to my dismay because now I can’t afford those crucial cards to complete my collection. One day I will be able to afford an autographed Shawn Kemp card. One day, I tells ya!

Scanning and editing individual cards is a tedious task but I’ll keep updating the blog/site for sure. Please use the menu on the right to view the available collection.